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Light of Christ


About The Emblem:

The purpose is to help the Cub Scout develop a personal relationship with Jesus. With the parent's active assistance and participation in this program, it is hoped that the Cub Scout will come to see Jesus as a real person and his friend. 



Registered Tiger or Wolf Cub Scout of the Catholic Faith. The Scout must complete the requirements before starting third grade. 


Program Objectives:

  • To support the role of the parents as the primary catechists of their children.

  • To have the Scout identify Jesus as a real person and as his friend.

  • To foster early family religious involvement.

  • To be a stepping stone toward Parvuli Dei and the other religious emblems, when the parents are involved.

  • To serve as a catalyst to draw the parents into a deeper involvement with the church, through the child.


Each Cub Scout has his own Activity Book. The book is designed for the Cub Scout and his parent or guardian to work together. Emblem Books may be obtained most economically and quickly from your local BSA Council Service Center (Scout Shop.) Alternatively, Activity Books can be obtained directly from BSA Supply. The book cannot be copied. 


Program Completion:

When the Cub Scout completes all steps, he presents the book to his parish priest or the priest's representative and the book is reviewed with the Cub Scout. After the priest or representative signs the book, the parent/guardian will remove the application and evaluation forms at the back of the book and give them to the Religious Emblems Coordinator for the Pack who will send to the address below.

Religious Awards
Attn: Dan Wagner
3512 Devine Street
Columbia SC 29205


Award Ceremony:

The emblem will be presented to the Cub Scout at a formal ceremony or Mass. Each scout will be given his emblem by his Parish Priest or Catholic Committee member during the award ceremony or Mass.

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