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Guardian Angel


About The Emblem:

Participants are recognized for advancement in religious knowledge and spiritual formation as they develop an awareness of how God protects them in every area of their lives.



Registered Girl Scouts or American Heritage Girls of the Catholic Faith. The program is designed for 5 and 6 year olds in kindergarten and first grade.


Program Objectives:

Guardian Angel is the official religious recognition program of the Diocese of Charleston for Catholic girls in kindergarten and first grade who are enrolled in the Girl Scouts or American Heritage Girls. It is designed to support and complement the catechetical efforts of Catholic parishes and schools.
The program helps children discover the presence of God in their daily lives as members of their family and parish.


Each scout should have her own workbook. The workbooks, as well as the awards, are available through the Diocese of Charleston Office of Youth Ministry.

Program Completion:

Upon completion of the workbook it is recommended that the group be given the opportunity to review what they have learned with their parish priest or other parish representative. The parent/guardian will need to send the application to the Diocese of Charleston Office of Youth Ministry.

Award Ceremony:

The emblem will be presented to the Girl Scout or American Heritage Girl at a formal ceremony or Mass. This will be coordinated between the parents and the parish priest as to date and time of ceremony or Mass.

Scout's Role:

Actively work on the activities with her parents or guardians. 


Parent's Role:

Parents and guardians play a large role in assisting the children in completing the activities. 


Suggested Time Requirements:

30-90 days.

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