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Footsteps of American Saints -- Peter Claver

About this activity:

The goal of this activity is to share the lives of several saints so that the youth might relate to what these people have done and maybe look to these individuals as role models.


For more information about this Saint, visit:

How to start:

Read about this saint. You can find the answers to these questions using the links above. Feel free to use other resources.


  • 1st - 5th Grades - Complete 4 requirements and 2 of the activities.

  • 6th - 12th Grades - Complete 5 requirements and 3 of the activities.

  • Adults:

    1) Assist the youth with this Footsteps of American Saints activity

    2) Share your thoughts with the youth about this Saint.

    3) Review the youth requirements after they have completed the activity.


  • St. Peter Claver was born in Spain and sailed to which country to perform his life work.

  • When did he become a saint?

  • When is the feast day of this saint?

  • St. Peter Claver is considered the Patron Saint of whom?

  • What is St. Peter Claver known for (major accomplishment)?

  • Peter Claver understood that concrete service like the distributing of medicine, food or brandy to his black brothers and sisters could be as effective a communication of the Word of God as mere verbal preaching. What did Peter Claver often say?


  • What did Peter Claver often say? Create a poster with those words and hang it for many to see.

  • Draw a picture showing some of his accomplishments. Share this picture with your family.

  • As soon as a slave ship entered the port, St. Peter Claver sprung into action providing medicine and food. Create a first-aid kit and keep it in your car or home just in case you need to help someone.

  • Start a food drive. Create signs and posters. Place these in your school or church and request food donations. Distribute the food to the needy in your parish.

Completion & Application

After completing the requirements, the participants will complete the NCCS Patch Order Form (here) and mail it along with the applicable fee to the NCCS. The answers to the questions should be reviewed by an adult for correctness and do not need to be forwarded when ordering the patch.


The answers to the requirements can be found here:

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